Adelaide Winemakers is dedicated to ensuring the highest standard in all aspects of its winemaking practices from vine to bottle. In the strive for quality and sustainability, Adelaide Winemakers has achieved the following:

Sustainable Australia Winegrowing (SAW)- Adelaide Winemakers is an active member of the SAW initiative which aims to maximize growers and regional overall sustainability, and aims to minimize environmental impacts. The data capture and reporting provides growers with the best management tool to demonstrate their performance against their regional peers and recognised best practice.The program assesses sustainability through the triple bottom line approach (environment, economics and social) and focuses on continuous improvement of the grower and the region’s results over time. Seven assessment areas have been developed: Soil Health, Nutrition and Fertiliser Management; Pest and Disease Management; Biodiversity Management; Water Management; Waste Management; Social Relations (workers, community and wineries); and Economic Sustainability. 

HACCAP- Adelaide Winemakers has the ability to trace product from the vine to glass to provide product assurance and integrity. This is due to the HACCAP accreditation of the Fleurieu Vintners wineries and vineyards.